Services Introduction

insulRef caters various stages of services starting from manufacturing which is a part
of a continuous process. Our other services include cutting and fabrication,
design & estimation, coil slitting as well as prefabrication cladding.



As part of continuous improvement,
insulRef actively manufacture Polyurethane (PUR)
and Polyisocyanurate (PIR) blockfoams. These are
manufactured according to Stringent Quality Standard
using high performance machineries and equipment.

insulRef also manufacture and produce
insulation accessories such as wing seal, toggle clip,
nuts and bolts, screws, vessel plugs set, washers, etc.


insulRef is specialized in providing
competitive insulation related cutting services
especially to oil and gas industry. insulRef provides a wide
range of equipments, from computer controlled
profiler cutting machines to manual cutting
machines able to fabricate PUR/PIR,
cellular glass, etc.

This cutting caters for almost all sizes, covering
tanks/equipment, pipe sectionals and fittings, elbows,
flanges, domes, slabs, pipe supports, etc, which flexible
to suit according to customers’


Design & Estimation

insulRef provides “Take Off” services,
whereby our Estimators use blueprints/drawings/
specifications/etc, either manually or electronically,
and start "taking off" quantities of items needed
from those documents in order to prepare
estimations that required for budgeting
and bidding purpose.

insulRef also assist in providing technical
info in designing and calculating insulation systems.

Coil Slitting

insulRef provides slitting support, whereby
the mother coil or larger coil will be cut into a narrower
or smaller rolls/coils at very competitive pricing.


Prefabrication Cladding

insulRef provides prefabricated
cladding based on the drawing provided by customers and
will deliver to the site ready to be installed.